Youngblood Brass Band - Workshop/Masterclass Video

Youngblood Brass Band - Workshop/Masterclass Video
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Video of a 1-hour-and-45-minute workshop/masterclass conducted by Youngblood Brass Band in 2016. Topics include: New Orleans Brass Band history, roles of the different instruments in the band, techniques/rhythms as they relate to style, Q+A, and teaching a New Orleans tune by rote (with play-a-long at the end). Perfect for educators and online learning, and easy to play-a-long at home for the last section. This video is delivered as a download link (470MB) as well as a password/link to a private Vimeo file (if downloading is not desired). School Teachers and Band Directors: If you plan to have multiple students access the video, it's appreciated if you enter the 'quantity' of videos as how many students will be watching, or what is within your budget (i.e. if you are using this video instead of attending festival or in place of a weekly ensemble assignment, and 10 students will be using the video, we appreciate if the quantity ordered is '10').
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