Youngblood Brass Band - Third Half - sheet music (parts/score)

Youngblood Brass Band - Third Half - sheet music (parts/score)
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Full score and parts for the Youngblood Brass Band song 'Third Half', written by Matt Hanzelka, Nat McIntosh, David Henzie-Skogen, and Joe Goltz, taken from the new 'Pax Volumi' album (2013/Tru Thoughts). This is the official, verbatim transcription from the record, i.e. 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tenor saxophone, snare drum/cymbal, bass drum/cymbal, and sousaphone. Transcribed and approved by the authors. This is the only YBB-sanctioned sheet music in existence for this original tune. Beware all copycats. Trust the real deal. Order includes score, all parts, and hi-res mp3 of original album recording. This order is emailed upon receiving at Layered HQ, so please include (and double-check) your email address.
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