Youngblood Brass Band - PAX VOLUMI (CD album)

Youngblood Brass Band - PAX VOLUMI (CD album)
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Youngblood's newest album, Pax Volumi (2013, Tru Thoughts) is their most accomplished to date. The band has matured into a vehicle that captures the fire of New Orleans brass band, the grit of indie hip-hop, the explosiveness of punk, and the conviction of modern jazz, forged into an incendiary, unified sound that defies classification. The 'riot jazz' moniker they once coined has now sprung up around the globe, and YBB have established themselves as the forerunners of progressive brass music. This album, 12 tracks deep, is the first to be completely engineered and produced by the band itself, with compositional duties spread throughout the group, and the huge leap forward in production value is obvious from the first beat. This album bangs, hard. The intricate arrangements and on-point solos of YBB's past are still here, as are completely new hip-hop leanings that morph and evolve structurally with each tune. More so than on any previous album, Pax Volumi feels like an arrival, almost a 'phase 2' for YBB: the players are the best in the game, the tunes are the most varied, creative and forward-looking thus far, and the band's idea of 'the Youngblood sound' is firmly solidified in recording and performance. One thing is certain: they show no signs of slowing down (or turning it down)...this is an album with momentum, and that momentum is still gaining steam. 1. 20 Questions 2. Cite the Line 3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 4. A Gust Inside the God 5. The Plank Will Nod, and You Will Go 6. Ê la ê 7. Overtime 8. Erik Owen 9. Wrestlevania 10. Ain't Nobody 11. The Old Rugged Cross/His Eye Is On The Sparrow 12. Third Half Youngblood Brass Band is: David Henzie-Skogen – drums/vocals/production Nat McIntosh – sousaphone Conor Elmes – drums Tom Reschke – drums Joe Goltz – trombone Matt Hanzelka – trombone Tony Barba – tenor saxophone (all songs) and bass clarinet (on 3, 6, 11) Zach Lucas – alto saxophone (all songs) and tenor saxophone (on 2, 3, 8, 11) Charley Wagner – trumpet Mike Boman – trumpet Jeff Maddern – trumpet (on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12) All songs engineered/produced by David Henzie-Skogen at Layered Studios. Mixed by David Henzie-Skogen and Beau Sorenson at Soma Electronic Music Studios. Mastered by Jim Wilson Mastering. Copyright 2013 Tru Thoughts / Full Thought Publishing.
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