Youngblood Brass Band - Is That A Riot?

Youngblood Brass Band - Is That A Riot?
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Is That a Riot? is the most adventurous, exciting, dynamic, experimental and utterly new music Youngblood has ever made. The beats bang twice as hard and never stop evolving; the vocals go from pensive, internal poetry to harmonized singing to straight spitting rhymes to jumping around and screaming murder; the horns are now capable of acting as individual vessels as well as an ensemble force, and their solos have never been more on point; the compositions have never taken so many interesting turns; the songs have never taken the musical unit so far into the stratosphere; the band has never sounded more mature, purposeful, driven and on fire. This is a Youngblood where all influences are exhibited, and everything that goes into making the band is on display: avant-leaning hiphop, worldwide percussion, blazing horns, hardcore aesthetics, whiffs of electronic and sample-based music, modern jazz and improvisation, classical composition/exposition, folkloric music from around the globe, and a heavy dose of New Orleans brass band culture. It is not easily defined, and not always easily understood. There is no existing genre for this. So they say it is riot jazz, or drum corps punk, or post-hype, whatever those mean. This is a band capable of a whole mess of divergent music that manages to pay homage to the past and still sound absolutely fresh. This music will make you think, feel, mourn, jump, bang, scream and shout, but above all dance, emphatically.
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