Youngblood Brass Band - Ain't Nobody - sheet music (score/parts)

Youngblood Brass Band - Ain't Nobody - sheet music (score/parts)
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Full score and parts for the Youngblood Brass Band cover of 'Ain't Nobody', arranged by Matt Hanzelka, taken from the new 'Pax Volumi' album recording. This is the official, verbatim transcription from the record, i.e. 2 trumpet parts, 2 trombones, 1 alto sax, 1 tenor sax, 1 snare drum/cymbal, 1 bass drum/cymbal, sousaphone, and score. Transcribed and approved by the arranger. This is the only YBB-sanctioned sheet music in existence for this tune. Beware all copycats. Trust the real deal. Order includes score, all parts, and hi-res mp3 of original album recording. This order is emailed upon receiving at Layered HQ, so please include (and double-check) your email address.
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