Youngblood Brass Band - Ain't Nobody EP (Vinyl 12")

Youngblood Brass Band - Ain't Nobody EP (Vinyl 12")
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Ain't Nobody is the second EP taken from the new Pax Volumi album (Tru Thoughts 2013), and includes one instrumental unreleased on the full-length album. The title track was made famous by the great Chaka Khan, and Youngblood's amped-up version is an instant dance-floor classic. The second track, 'Ê la ê', is a strange and wonderful beast: an instrumental hip-hop song that is equal parts Brazil, New York, and New Orleans. It sounds like winning. The final track, 'The Plank Will Nod, and You Will Go', is a hip-hop (ish) song dedicated to and inspired by the late author David Foster Wallace, liberally quoting, referencing, and meditating on his work, life, and tragic death. 'Plank' takes us through spoken anomalies, rapid-fire rhymes, a sing-song bridge, and an explosive chorus, but manages to still sound like a single message. The instrumental for 'Plank' crackles with stacked horn harmonies and hidden drum beats. A: 1. Ain't Nobody 2. Ê la ê B: 1. The Plank Will Nod, and You Will Go 2. The Plank Will Nod, and You Will Go (instrumental) Youngblood Brass Band is: David Henzie-Skogen – drums/vocals/production Nat McIntosh – sousaphone Conor Elmes – drums Tom Reschke – drums Joe Goltz – trombone Matt Hanzelka – trombone Tony Barba – tenor saxophone (all songs) and bass clarinet (on 3, 6, 11) Zach Lucas – alto saxophone (all songs) and tenor saxophone (on 2, 3, 8, 11) Charley Wagner – trumpet Mike Boman – trumpet Jeff Maddern – trumpet (on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12) All tracks engineered/produced by David Henzie-Skogen at Layered Studios. Mixed by Beau Sorenson and David Henzie-Skogen at Soma Electronic Music Studios. Mastered by Jim Wilson Mastering. Copyright 2013 Tru Thoughts / Full Thought Publishing.
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