Scrambler - Emote Control

Scrambler - Emote Control
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You might know the Scrambler: an amusement park ride, a jeep model, or an analog encryption device used in WWII. Well, Layered is punch-pleased to introduce the 'other' Scrambler: guitar/electronics wizard Mike Gamble (leaning heavily on the 'electronics' and 'wizardry' side of that equation). Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Mike frequently performs with his lightning improv trio The Inbetweens, with spooky indie rockers Seequill, and with hundreds of thousands of millions of other likely NYC co-conspirators. Scrambler's Layered Music full-length debut, Emote Control, will turn your brains into mush with frantic drum processing, light-speed melodies and fantastical sonic implosions.
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